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Why You Should Always Fight Traffic Offences in Mississauga

There are is a variety of different traffic offences, as well as criminal traffic offences which are defined in the Highway Traffic Safety Act and the Criminal Code of Canada. These offences vary from minor speeding tickets in Mississauga to more serious drinking and driving criminal offences. The biggest mistake people make is to pay their traffic ticket or plead guilty to a criminal traffic offence without even considering the consequences it will have on their daily lives.

For most traffic ticket offences, where there was not an accident or alcohol involved, if you are found guilty or take a plea arrangement, there are normally fines and fees you have to pay, as well as demerit points put on your driving record. While this might not sound that serious of a punishment, consider what would happen if you had several driving infractions over a year or two. Eventually, you could accumulate so many demerit points that your license will get suspended. In addition, your insurance company could increase your rates because you are considered a high risk driver.

In cases, where you involved in an accident, and were at fault, in addition to a traffic ticket, there are other potential consequences you could face, such as being sued by the other driver for personal injuries. Further, if someone died, the Crown could file criminal charges against you that carry with it minimum and maximum periods of imprisonment.

For offences where drugs or alcohol are involved, the penalties are almost as harsh as more serious criminal offences. Did you know that for a first time impaired or Over 80 offence the minimum fine for being found guilty is $1,000? That’s the minimum amount and the courts will not reduce the fine. Repeat offenders could be facing several thousands of dollars just in fines and mandatory periods of imprisonment.

Regardless of whether you feel you were at fault or guilty for a traffic ticket offence or criminal traffic offence, you should always consult with a Mississauga traffic tickets service and criminal defence legal services firm to find out your rights and potential defences that might be able to be used to fight the charges.

Frequently, with traffic tickets, there are numerous defences that can be used successfully, to get the ticket dismissed. The money you spend for legal representation to fight a traffic ticket is much less than the fines and fees the court will charge you if are found guilty. In addition, getting the ticket dismissed means no demerit points on your license or the risk of increased insurance rates.

With drinking and driving and impaired criminal offences, you need legal representation to fight the charges. Do you really want to risk losing your license and going to jail? These two punishments alone could result in you losing your job and the ability to support yourself and your family. If you have been issued a traffic ticket, or arrested and charged with a DUI criminal traffic offence, you need to call X-Crown Legal Services now at 416-995-0862 for a free case evaluation and to learn what options are available to fight your charges.

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