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Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage

Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages are provided by law under every auto insurance policy in Ontario. Because the regulations (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, or SABS) are provincially mandated, the coverage provided is standard among insurance companies.

Statutory Accident Benefits provide compensation, regardless of fault, if you, your passengers, or pedestrians suffer injury or death in an auto accident. An X-CROWN Personal Injury Specialist will complete your Accident benefits package and handle every step of your claim. This package should include five forms.

If you are injured in an auto accident, you may be entitled to the following accident benefits:

Income Replacement: This benefit compensates you for lost income. Legislation enables you to receive benefits for loss of income and expenses that are incurred as a result of your accident. The income replacement is 70% of your gross in-come up to a maximum of $400.00 per week.

Non-earner: This benefit provides compensation if you are completely unable to carry on a normal life and do not qualify for an Income Replacement or Caregiver benefit.

Caregiver: If you qualify for this benefit, it provides compensation for some expenses incurred when you cannot continue as the main caregiver for a member of your home who is in need of care.

Medical/Rehabilitation: This benefit pays for medical/rehabilitation expenses incurred when you are injured. Up to $50,000.00 for medical and rehabilitation expenses (up to One Million if catastrophically injured). If your injury falls within the definition of the Minor Injury Guidelines, your medical rehabilitation benefits will be limited to $3,500.00. The medical/rehabilitation benefits may cover the follow-ing types of expenses: Physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy and other rehabilitation treatment modalities; Prescription drug expenses; Travel expenses in some circumstances; Visitation expenses for family members to visit you; Re-training and vocational counselling costs to assist with your return to employment and others.

Attendant Care: This benefit compensates you for some of the expense of an aide or attendant.

Compensation for Other Expenses: These benefits pay for some other expenses such as the cost of family visiting you during treatment or recovery. It may also pay for some housekeeping and home maintenance, the repair or replacement of some items lost or damaged in the accident, and some lost educational expenses. If you die as a result of the accident, members of your family may also be entitled to the following benefits:

Death: This benefit pays money to members of your family.

Funeral: This benefit pays for some funeral expenses.


  • Stop and assess the situation
  • Call 911
  • Only speak to the police officer
  • Review the police report and make sure all of the information is accurate

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