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Demerit Points in Ontario

Demerit points are the provincial metric to determine how offences under the Highway Traffic Act can be applied to regulating road safety. They are used to determine insurance premiums and have a significant impact on the ability of insurers to value a driver’s ability to maintain and respect the rules of the road.

Demerit points remain on your record for two years from the date a traffic ticket is received. In Ontario, after a novice driver may accrue 8 demerit points, while a fully licensed driver may have up to 14. However, upon receiving 15 demerit points, as a fully licensed driver, or nine demerit points, as a novice driver, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation will suspend your driver’s licence for 30 days (full licence) or 60 days (novice licence) for the first demerit point violation. A second demerit point suspension will result in a six-month suspension.

Insurance Rate Increase

Most Ontario insurance companies look at the number of convictions you have and the severity of the offence. Insurance companies also look at the number of demerit points you have. Others use a combination of (number of convictions, severity of offence, number of demerit points). For an Ontario driver, even a minor $65 traffic ticket can produce an annual increase of $300 or more that will last at least five years. In other words, your minor $65 traffic ticket will end up costing you $1,500.

The following chart shows what the likely insurance impact will be based on the number and type of convictions.

Insurance Increase by Conviction
# of Convictions Minor Major Serious
1 0 15% 100%
2 15%
3 25%
4 15%
Each additional conviction 15% 25% 100%

Conviction Classifications

Conviction Classifications
Minor Major Serious
Any traffic convictions related to the operation of a vehicle, other than those listed as Major or Serious. It can be under an Act governing highway traffic, the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act or a similar offence committed within or outside Canada. See below… Any of the following traffic convictions under an Act governing highway traffic, the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act or a similar offence committed within or outside Canada… Any of the following traffic convictions under an Act governing highway traffic, the Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, a similar offence committed within or outside Canada, or any convictions which appear on a Driver Record Abstract identified as Criminal Code convictions…
  • Crowding Driver’s Seat
  • Defective Brakes
  • Drivers License Violations
  • Failing To Share The Road
  • Failing To Signal
  • Failure To Use Seatbelts
  • Failing To Yield
  • Failing To Yield To A Pedestrian
  • Failure To Surrender Your License
  • Failure To Produce Evidence Of Insurance
  • Failure To Produce Or Carry Insurance Card
  • Following Too Closely
  • Headlight Offenses
  • Improper Driving In A Bus Lane
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Improper Opening Of Door
  • Improper Passing
  • Improper Towing
  • Improper Turn
  • Improper Use Of Divided Highway
  • Insecure Load
  • Obstructing Traffic
  • Overloading
  • Use Of Radar Warning Device
  • Speeding
  • Stop Sign Infraction
  • Traffic Light Infraction
  • Trailer Passenger
  • Unnecessary Noise
  • Unnecessary Slow Driving
  • Unsafe Move
  • Unsafe Or Prohibited Turn
  • Unsafe Vehicle
  • View Obstructed
  • Wrong Way On One Way
  • Obstruction Of View
  • Obstruction Of License Plate
  • Driving without an up to date Inspection Sticker
  • Speeding 50 km/h over posted speed limit (or set limit in your province or state)
  • Failing To Report An Accident
  • Failure To Report Damage To Highway Property
  • All Insurance Offenses
  • False Statement Of Insurance
  • Operating Motor Vehicle With No Insurance
  • Driving With No Insurance
  • Produce False Evidence
  • Driving In Contravention Of Restrictions
  • School Bus, Improper Passing, Fail To Stop
  • Speeding in a construction zone is double the fines and points
  • Driving Impaired, Blood Alcohol Over .08
  • Careless Driving; Undue Care Or Attention
  • Criminal Negligence
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Failing To Obey Police
  • Failing To Remain At An Accident Scene
  • Motor Manslaughter
  • Racing
  • Refuse Breathalyzer
  • Stunting / Drag Racing
  • All Serious Convictions; Can Be Unspecified

How Long Do Convictions Stay on Your Record? 

Motor vehicle convictions stay on your Ministry of Transportation driving record for three years, demerit points for two years. Insurance companies keep this information usually for five years. Law enforcement can see your complete driving record and criminal history including every conviction going back to the day you were born. So expect to pay higher insurance for at least five years. The clock starts ticking from the day you are convicted, not the day you were charged. Your insurance will increase when you renew your policy.

How Can X-Crown Help Fight Demerit Points?

X-Crown begins by assigning a highly qualified legal expert to your case. We review all police notes and check the details of the disclosure before we attend court on your behalf. This is to ensure that we are fully knowledgeable and ready to react on a moment’s notice, always cognoscente of the legal proceedings at hand. Our professionalism saves you time and money in the long run, check out our testimonials page for more.

We are here to ensure that your rights are protected. X-Crown legal experts are recognized by The Law Society of Upper Canada. What’s more, we are here to use our legal expertise to help ensure our clients the best, most professional, punctual and knowledgeable representation on the market.

X-Crown’s Strategic Legal Defence

X-Crown fights to have all charges withdrawn. Our expertise is in negotiating with prosecutors to help defend against demerit points, license suspension, and reduced jail time (if applicable). If you’re facing legal challenges, contact the experts at X-Crown today. Note: past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

X-Crown offers professional and cost-effective legal representation.

Don’t let legal troubles cause you more stress, call us now for your free consultation at (647) 707-8447 or click here for a free online quote.


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